Origin of BABC


In 1986 Alex Zuckermann, an enthusiastic bicyclist with a strong belief in the bicycle as an everyday means of transportation, founded the Regional Bicycle Advisory Committee (REBAC).  As a founder of the local East Bay Bicycle Coalition in 1972, he saw the need for a regional organization that could address multi-county and region-wide bicycle policy and infrastructure issues. With a background in city planning, Alex Zuckermann combined policy expertise and an effective style of advocacy to advance the cause of bicycles as an integral part of the long-term transportation plan for the 9 Bay Area counties.

In 1993 REBAC was renamed the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition (BABC) and incorporated as a non-profit membership organization with volunteer representatives from each county serving on the board of directors.  Recognizing that it could increase its effectiveness by creating a formal relationship between the various county bicycle coalitions that had been established over the years, BABC was reorganized in 2002 as a non-profit non-membership organization. The Board of Directors now consists of 9 members who are appointed by each of the 9 county coalitions and 4 at-large members who are selected by the 9 county Board members.

Alex Zuckermann