New Jobs Bill Could Bring Millions for Bikes

The Federal Jobs Bill H.R. 2847 has passed the House and is now being discussed in the Senate.  The bill is poised to be enacted early in 2010, bringing an expected $2.5 billion in transportation funding to California with an estimated $150-$300 million in highway money coming to the Bay Area.

According to Title 23 Chapter 1 Section 133 of the U.S. Code: Bike Projects are eligible for this highway funding.

"(3) Carpool projects, fringe and corridor parking facilities and programs, bicycle transportation and pedestrian walkways in accordance with section 217, and the modification of public sidewalks to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 12101 et seq.)."

On January 13th, MTC’s Programming and Allocations Committee will be discussing the guiding principles for how this money will be used throughout the 9-county Bay Area region. Here is MTC's current proposal (pdf).

BABC is working with Urban Habitat and TransForm to affect these principles and to make sure that bicycle infrastructure is set up for significant funding.  Here is a copy of our letter to MTC regarding use of the Jobs Bill funds.

We are compiling a list of bike projects ready for funding that this new bill could support.  We will update this list as we hear from more cities and counties.  If you know of a bike project that is ready to be funded in your county, please contact

Bike Projects Ready for Funding in the Bay Area (updated 1/11/10)

  1. Alamo Canal Trail I-580: Part of the Regional Bike Network, Currently undergoing federal environmental review and thus shovel ready
  2. SF Bay Trail at Hercules Transit Center: Part of the Regional Bike Network
  3. West County Bay Trail San Pablo: In Regional Bike Network, Has already completed federal environmental review
  4. Maud Ave Sidewalk Improvement
  5. Grove Way Sidewalk Improvement
  6. Marshall/Omega Sidewalk Improvement
  7. Buchanan Bicycle and Pedestrian Path Project
  8. Pedestrian Safety Corridor Improvement Project, which includes:
    1. University Avenue Corridor Pedestrian Safety Improvements (6th Street to San Pablo Ave)
    2. Ashby BART Station Area Improvements
    3. Ashby Avenue Corridor Pedestrian Safety Improvements (San Pablo Ave to California)
    4. Shattuck Avenue Corridor Pedestrian Safety Improvements (Hearst to Vine)
    5. San Pablo Avenue Corridor Pedestrian Safety Improvements (Addison to Bancroft)
  9. Cedar Street Sidewalk Improvement Project
  10. Mission Boulevard Sidewalk Improvement Project
  11. Iron Horse Trail, Isabel Avenue to Murrieta Bl.
  12. Trail improvements Segment N (LARPD Project managed by City of Livermore)