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Downtown Berkeley BART Bike Station is being expanded with SR2T funds.  Click here to see what other projects are being funded by SR2T.
Downtown Berkeley BART Bike Station
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The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) adopted by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) in April 2009 promised $50 Million each in funding over the next 5 years for Safe Routes to Transit (SR2T) and Safe Routes to School (SRTS) as part of their Climate Action Plan.  However, in MTC’s recent proposal for programming federal funding, they have limited their funding for SR2T to evaluation of the program with no money to continue to build improvements to ensure safe and easy access to regional transit.

It is unacceptable to completely eliminate funding for such an important program as Safe Routes to Transit that was promised to the public in the RTP. We need your help to ensure that MTC invests in making transit safer and easier for bikes and pedestrians to access.  Heres what you can do:

Sign the Safe Routes to Transit Petition

Show MTC that there is strong demand for safer access to TransitClick Here to Sign

Share Your Ideas for Making Your Transit Commute Safer
Next time you are walking or biking to transit and you see something that could be made safer or easier to navigate, let us know where it is and how Safe Routes to Transit funds could help fix it, take a picture if you can and then share it with us in one of the following ways.  We'll be presenting all the responses we get to MTC's December 9th meeting to help make the case for funding Safe Routes to Transit.

Speak Up In Favor of Safe Routes to Transit at MTC December 9th
Join us in voicing your support for safer and easier access to transit at the December 9th Programming and Allocations Meeting at MTC. For more information contact Andrew Casteel at 415.814.9247 or