Facebook Causes

Facebook Causes

A cause is similar to a Facebook Page or Group, but has some very important differences:

1. It can accept donations via credit card, which makes it the only built in way for you to monetize yourself on Facebook.

2. Many built in mechanisms to support fundraising and membership drives.  Keep in mind this is membership in a Facebook cause so it's not as useful to us as we have our own memberships we are interested in selling.

3. Easy way to monetize your Facebook Page as you can include it as your "Featured Cause" to give it great placement in your sidebar.

4. Supporters can make "Birthday Wishes" for friends to make donations to their featured cause on their birthday.  Great viral means to market fundraising

After saying all of that in favor of Facebook Causes, the research shows there isn't a huge amount of fundraising done on Facebook.

SUGGESTION: Set up a Facebook Cause, Feature it on your Facebook Page and then leave it be.  Make sure you set up a default welcome message that drives users who find you through the causes application to become fans of your page on Facebook, where they can find the information you'll be updating more frequently.  Your Page should be your main portal.  Causes are there to help you monetize the page and nothing more.  Have some staff lead by example by sending their birthday wishes to help start things off.

ALTERNATIVE: If you'd rather not set up a causes page, you can also use FBML to add a donate button from whichever service (Paypal, Google Checkout, Etc) to your site.  Which is probably a good idea even if you do add a cause.

Welcome to the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition, 

Thank you for joining the fight for a bicycle friendly Bay Area.  We've been working for 23 years to get bicycles access to transit, increase funding for bike facilities and promote bicycling for everyday transportation.  Become a fan of the BABC to get updates on the latest bicycling news in the Bay Area:

Help us continue our important work by:
- Making a donation: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/causes/306359/begin_donation?m=781e42b6&recruiter_id=18111888
- Sending a Birthday Wish: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/birthdays/new?cause_id=306359&m=8f77d867

Thank you for your support,
Andrew Casteel
Executive Director
Bay Area Bicycle Coalition