Bicycle Bridge Access


What would it feel like to be riding across the Bay Bridge on your bike?   With a pathway beneath your wheels, and a view of the Bay and the City skyline below, there would be no better way to cross the Bay.


Unfortunately, the reality is that the Bay Bridge prohibits bicycles and pedestrians, so only those risking arrest know how it feels to bike across the bridge.  Five of the nine other bridges in the Bay can also only be crossed by those using motorized vehicles.


The Bay Area Bicycle Coalition is advocating for all of the Bay Area bridges to be open to non-motorized traffic, as they are to motorized traffic, 24 hours a day.  Bike access plans have already been found feasible for the West span of the Bay Bridge, and the Richmond- San Rafael Bridge.  We need your support for funding the construction of pathways on these and other bridges.


Our goal is to secure direct access on all of the Bay Area’s bridges.  But in the meantime, access over the bridges can be obtained by public transportation. You can locate information at


For a list of the eight Bay Area Bridges, the current status of bicycle access for each crossing, and who you can contact to support advocacy efforts relating to the bridges, click here.


For more information on Bay Bridge bicycle access:


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