BABC Strategic Plan

The BABC recently completed a 3-year Strategic Plan, setting our goals for improving bicycling in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Download the full plan

BABC Goals 2009-2011

Advocate effectively for improved bicycle infrastructure and safety at the regional level in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Implement Complete Streets—streets designed and operated to enable safe access for all users—in the 9 Bay Area counties
  • Ensure complete funding for building out the Regional Bike Plan, including funding for bicycle access for bridges
  • Secure policies that improve bicycling and bicycle safety in all major regional plans and state legislation that affect the Bay Area

Promote bicycling as a fun, safe, economical, environmentally sound, and healthy form of transportation for the residents of the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Increase cycling for everyday transportation by expanding programs, events and infrastructure that promote safe cycling
  • Work with national, regional, and local organizations to promote a consistent safety message for bicyclists and motorists
  • Ensure that bicycles are an integral element in building livable, sustainable and healthy communities

Build the capacity of the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition and the local coalitions by coordinating and supporting local and regional bicycle advocacy and promotion activities in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Support the development of local bicycle coalitions through the sharing of best practices and resources related to operations, programs and policy
  • Increase the capacity of the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition to provide the local bicycle coalitions with information and expertise on local and regional issues
  • Increase the impact of the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition by strengthening ties to regional health, business, and environmental organizations as well as bicycling clubs and the bicycle industry

Our thanks to the San Francisco Foundation for their generous support to make this strategic plan possible.