BABC and Allies Secure $192 Million in Funding for Sustainable Transportation

Thanks to the efforts of the BABC, local bike coalitions, TransForm and the Greenbelt Alliance, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) approved $192 Million in STP/CMAQ funding for sustainable transportation over the next 3 years, $48 Million more than MTC’s initial proposal for those funds.

The $192 Million in Sustainable Transportation funding will go to the following programs:

A series of innovative grant and outreach programs aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.  This includes $17 Million in funding for the first regional Safe Routes to School (SR2S) program in the country, which provides funding for education and bike infrastructure to encourage students to bike and walk safely to school.


Funds the Regional Bicycle Network (RBN), a 2,100 mile regional network of bike routes providing connections between counties and between major transit hubs and business and retail centers throughout the region.


Provides Transit and Capital Funds to improve Pedestrian, Bicycle and Transit Access.   TLC encourages Transit Oriented Development, which helps create communities that make it easier to use non-motorized transportation.

We couldn’t have done any of this without the support of all of you who wrote their MTC commissioners demanding that funding for these important programs be increased.  We would like to thank everyone who wrote a letter, signed our petition or gave public comment.  Your support is the most powerful tool in the fight for a better future for biking, walking and transit.

While this increase in funding was a great win, we still have several challenges ahead of us.  Even with the increased funding these programs received, they are still not funded at the levels promised in the regional transportation plan adopted by MTC this year.  Funding for Safe Routes to Transit (SR2T) is limited to evaluation only, despite the hundreds of you who signed our petition to fund SR2T.  The Federal Transportation Act could see a major overhaul this year, changing the way this STP/CMAQ funding is allotted, possibly providing more opportunities for funding bicycle and pedestrian improvements that encourage sustainable transportation.