2035 Regional Transportation Plan

Transportation planning agencies around the nine-county Bay Area planned ways to improve and change the way we will get around in the next 25 years.  New tunnels, larger train networks, more ferries, road rehab, highway projects, new bike facilities and pedestrian accommodations are all on the table for consideration during the revision of MTC’s Regional Transportation Plan.

This process and document, known as the “RTP” or “T2035 Plan,” articulates a 25 year vision for getting around in the Bay Area. The RTP decides $100 BILLION+ in regional transportation investments and is one of the major opportunities the public has to shape how the Bay Area will grow and travel.  This blueprint is revised every four years.

Download a copy of the T2035 plan from the MTC website.

BABC worked together with local bicycle coalitions and TransForm to advocate for increased funding for sustainable transportation.  Working together, our coalition managed to secure several important wins:

A Billion for Bikes
The greatest success for bikes was a huge increase in regional bicycle funding, with the regional commitment increasing 5-fold from $200 Million to $1 Billion dollars over the next 25 years.  This money will fund the Regional Bikeway Network, a 2100 Mile network of bike facilities connecting all the counties in the Bay Area and providing better bicycle access to transit stations.

A Commitment to Climate
The RTP includes a promise of $400 Million dollars to a 5 year Climate Initiative aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging sustainable transportation.  Included in this program is funding for Safe Routes to School and Safe Routes to Transit.

Building Livable Communities
Over $2 Billion dollars in funding over the next 25 years is promised to the Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC) program which encourages Transit Oriented Development by improving bicycle and pedestrian access to transit stations.  This is double the funding TLC received in the 2030 RTP.

The fight for regional funding for bikes is far from over.  While the RTP is intended to guide funding decisions for the region, MTC still has the flexibility to choose how funds are distributed among the programs defined in the RTP.  BABC will continue to work with our allies in monitoring funding proposals from MTC to ensure that these commitments in the RTP are fulfilled.  Follow the Funding section of BABC's website for updates on our advocacy on bike funding for the Bay Area.

These wins wouldn't have been possible without your letters, public comments and financial support.  We would like to thank everyone who supported our efforts to secure more funding for bikes in the RTP.  Please support BABC so that we can continue to build a better future for bicycling in the Bay Area.