2030 Regional Transportation Plan

Ever wonder what will the Bay Area be like in 25 years?  The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is not only wondering about our future—they are planning and budgeting it!

In the T2030 Regional Transportation Plan, BABC successfully lobbied MTC (the

regional transportation planning agency for the 9 counties of the Bay Area) to create a new account solely for the purpose of funding bike and pedestrian projects.  And we succeeded:  $200 million over 25 years was designated to flow through the “Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Program.”  This money, $8 million a year, is meant to build out the Regional Bicycle Network and improve walking facilities around regional transit and business hubs.

That was a big improvement over the 2001 RTP, where no money at all was designated specifically for bikes and pedestrians.  Yet the $8 million per year advance we made in 2004 is not guaranteed to be included in the T2035 Plan.  And even if it was, $8 million a year is not enough to build many projects for the entire Bay Area.

In fact, the projected “shortfall” (the amount we don’t have) to complete the Regional Bicycle Network is estimated to be around $965 million (2004 dollars).  At $8 million a year, it will take us literally 120 million years to get a region with a coherent bicycle infrastructure! 

So yes, $965 million is a lot of money.  But compare it to a single proposed highway project in Marin:  the current cost estimate to add one automobile lane in each direction to the 16-mile Sonoma-Marin Narrows is estimated at more than $800 million.

Download the T2030 Plan from the MTC website.

Visit the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan to see the wins BABC made for bicycling in 2009.